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How to Find A Good Business Mentor

For you to grown and succeed in your chosen career, it is important for you to find a business mentor. You need help and guidance from someone that is more experienced. How do you find one and what do you need to say? In this article, we will discuss the four (4) steps to find a business mentor.

Step #1: Find Your Common Ground

What do you two have in common? Find a connection and use that to build a strong bond. Your mentor will be advising you on personal and professional issues; thus, it is better to have a more accurate and personal connection with him or her.

Step #2: Keep Your Lines Open

Be honest with what you want to achieve in your chosen career. Do not be afraid to ask for help or for feedback to help you improve. Whatever your goal may be to your career, have a professional, straightforward manner when dealing with your mentor.

Step #3: Always Be Ready To Help

If you expect your prospective mentor to help you out, you should also be prepared to help him or her in the same way. Keep in mind that you should also offer value to them. For example, you can have an exchange of information or offer a complimentary service to your mentor or life coach.  If you’re not sure where to start we recommend Hero Life Coaching who always provide a very good service and can be reached at the Hero Life Coaching NI Facebook page or Pinterest: Life Coaching page or HeroLifeCoach on Twitter.

Step #4: Ask For An Appropriate Next Step

Make it easy for your prospective mentor to interact with you. Do not be a burden to their schedule. For example, you can invite them to lunch, meet at their office, or set up a phone meeting.

At times, it can be difficult to find a business mentor without an appropriate approach. With these four (4) steps, use them to make a connection with your prospective mentor.