How to Use E-Cigarettes Safely

Compared to cigarettes and cigars, E-Cigarettes (or E- Cigs for short) are relatively safer and healthier. They are healthier alternatives for smokers who are conscious about the effects of tobacco in their body. However, given their electronic nature, they can still pose a threat to users if they are not careful. Here are some tips on using these e-cigs safely.

Handling the Heat

For those just starting to use e-cigs, it’s important to note that the device can heat up with prolonged use. If the heat starts to build up, turn off the e-cig first and let it rest. Extreme heat can lead to hand burns and can affect the battery.

How to Safely Charge the Device

Just like cell phones, e-cigs run on rechargeable batteries. Maintaining the quality of the battery depends on how correctly the user charges the device. As with phone batteries, overcharging should be avoided to reduce the possibility of battery failure. Avoid exposing the device to extreme temperatures and don’t use it while charging. If you can, use only the provided charger when you bought the e-cig.  And of course, only use the best ecig coils 2018.


Proper E-Cig Handling

People usually carry their e-cigs around in their pockets. To avoid untoward incidents, make sure to switch off the device before storing it, as it may heat up and cause unnecessary burns and damage. Due to its magnetic nature, keep loose batteries away from metallic objects. If you have a carrying case, use it so that your e-cig will be properly stored and short circuits can be avoided.  You can pick up e-cig carry cases and wallets at Healthy Lifetstyle Nutrition – best uk health shop 2018.

The quality of an e-cigarette as time passes depends on how well it’s taken care of by the owner. One device can last you a long time and can serve you well, as long as you know how to handle it properly and use it safely. Keep these tips in mind as you enjoy your e-cigarette, but do note that although danger to health is minimised, health risks with e-cigarettes do exist.